Friday, 22 June 2007

When 'FRE*E'' isn't worth it

Whatever I do in my business - from one-to-one coaching to delivering workshops - I always try to deliver the best value for money that I can. I want to deliver more than the client is expecting.

Now, I get invitations to lots of 'fre*e' business start-up and growth seminars, so naturally I go along. I want to meet the other delegates - they are usually in my target market. Not only that, I like 'fre*e' - don't you?

The expression "There's no such thing as a fre^e lunch" could have been made for these seminars! Yes, you get quite a lot of information - presented by people who want to promote their own company services. However, after attending a few of these seminars, you start to notice that while you get the 'what you need to do' you don't get the 'here's how you do it'. Some are better than others.

I find this really frustrating and a bit of an insult to everyone who has given up their time to go along. So many of these business owners really want to learn, they really want to work hard on their businesses and succeed. But these seminars are really only tasters or teasers. The main event won't happen unless and until you part with money you don't have yet.

Another saying comes to mind - "You get what you pay for."

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