Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Business owners need nerves of steel

I've had a couple of days in the office working on a new workshop idea - but please don't tell anyone!

Looks silly written down, doesn't it? The problem with being an entrepreneur and business owner is that you're constantly looking for new angles, new products and services, and ways to stay ahead of the competition. When you think you've found one, you become paranoid! You don't want to even talk about it in case you then read that someone else has got there first.

You have to keep your nerve while you're developing the idea (or at least producing the sales copy). Once you've staked your claim, you can heave a sigh of relief that, if anyone else uses the idea, they're an also ran - because you thought of it first! Sounds incredibly childish but, in business, it's deadly serious and could be the difference between survival and the unthinkable.

Sorry if this is getting a bit melodramatic but all will be revealed very soon. Keep reading.

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