Thursday, 29 May 2008

Get out of the 'Stress Habit'

I came across this list while preparing for teleclass on the subject of Overwhelm. I don't know the origins but thought they were good to share with all you busy business owners!

1. Cut down on caffeinated drinks - have more water.

2. Build in contingency time to projects - they're bound to need it.

3. Leave at least 10 minutes early to get to meetings - allow for traffic or parking problems.

4. Switch off your phones at the end of the day - or arrange for someone else to deal with the calls.

5. Take a 5 minute break from your desk or computer once every hour - at least.

6. Try arranging meetings only in the morning - that will give you a chance to catch up when you get back to the office.

If you have any tips that you find useful to kick your own 'Stress Habit', your comments would be much appreciated.

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