Friday, 1 August 2008

Don't forget to pack your pen!

When you go on holiday, I really hope that you don’t take your laptop or business mobile phone with you.  ‘Getting away from it all’ should be exactly that.  The whole purpose is to have a rest from your business, enjoy time with the family and recharge your batteries.

Those of you who have followed my newsletter for the last few years will know that I feel very strongly about the importance of switching off and de-stressing.

And now I’m going to contradict myself – but only a little!

One of the side benefits of switching off from day to day business life and all that comes with it, is that you will often find answers to problems you’ve been wrestling with – and been too busy to give enough attention to until now. 

You may also find that, as you relax by the pool or walk in the countryside, ideas for your business pop into your head quite unexpectedly.

Now, you simply have to capture those ideas and write them down while they’re fresh in your mind.  If you delay, it will be too late and the idea gone, possibly for ever.  I’m sure you’ve had flashes of inspiration before, perhaps in the middle of the night?  I bet that by the time morning came you struggled to remember it.

So I recommend that, when you’re packing your bucket and spade, you also pack a small notebook and pen that will fit easily into your pocket or handbag – just in case you get that great idea that’s going to make your fortune! 

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