Friday, 8 August 2008

I’ve started so I’ll finish …..

A client was telling me recently about how she had spent time sorting through the piles of paper in her office during the previous week.  She was able to throw away (or recycle) much of it, and was proud of her newly empty desk.  “I feel as though my mind has been de-cluttered as well”  she said “there’s room now to take on some new projects.”

It’s in the nature of business owners and entrepreneurs to love new ideas.  They relish doing the research, planning what (and who) needs to be involved and getting the project off the ground.  They also usually have quite a clear picture of what the finished product or service will ‘look’ like.

Unfortunately, that’s where a lot of great ideas falter.  You see, when people are great are starting new projects, they’re often not very good at finishing them!  Once the initial excitement and buzz of a new idea has faded, in their minds they’ve already done all the work and are ready to move on to the next new idea!

Other people have a lot of trouble getting started with a project but are great at working through the detail.   They get tremendous satisfaction from seeing the finished article and hate to leave any loose ends.

(Whether you’re a starter or a finisher, your projects could benefit from my special Summer Strategy meeting.)

In an ideal world, the ‘starters’ will have all the ideas and pass their projects over to ‘finishers’ to see through to completion.  Everyone would be very happy doing what they enjoy most.

But if you’re an ideas person who doesn’t happen to have anyone to do the finishing, you’re going to need to learn to de-clutter your half-finished projects so that you can make room for those new ideas you crave!

Not only that, you could be delaying earning money from them too! 

Louise Barnes-Johnston
'Trainee finisher

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