Friday, 16 November 2007

Do Business Owners Get Lonely?

I've read a couple of blogs and articles recently that suggest they can, but there are steps you can take to overcome the loneliness that working on your own can bring.

The reason I'm thinking about this subject is that, one by one, the meetings I had planned for this week were cancelled or postponed. So frustrating! I've learned from bitter experience to email and confirm an appointment a couple of days beforehand. That still doesn't stop the last minute changes. It's not that I have a problem with people moving a meeting when there is a genuine reason, it's the knock-on effect in my diary caused by having to reschedule that offends my sense of order! Whereas I thought I would be out and about and meeting people this week, I've ended up staying in the office and feeling a bit like a billy no-mates.

I don't think it matters whether your loneliness is caused by working from home, or as the leader of a team, the feeling is very similar.

That's where networking groups, attending seminars, joining mastermind groups all come into their own. I remember when I first started in business nearly 10 years ago, my sanity was saved by going to Chamber of Commerce meetings and finding out to my delight that other business owners were struggling with the exact same issues as I was.

The relationships you form with people you meet are invaluable. You may never do business with some of them, but these business colleagues can be wonderful sounding boards when you meet up for coffee on the occasions when you just have to 'get out of the office before you scream!' Thank goodness I was able to pick up the phone and catch up with a few people before total isolation set in.

Yes business owners do get lonely, but only if they neglect to network and search out like-minded souls.

There's a great lesson from the younger generation on how to network effectively in this blog post. Read and enjoy!

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