Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Is it practical and will it be profitable?

Since I 'went public' in yesterday's posting about writing a brand new workshop, my brain has been working overtime! This is typical of most entrepreneurs, we are very attracted to new ideas. We have to guard against being tempted into pursuing ideas that may not be practical, or profitable.

So, I'm going to take this one slowly (at first). I'll admit that I'm very excited at the material and experiences that I already have available to share - but I need to make sure that it will be of interest.

Tomorrow I'm off to a breakfast group and will get some thoughts from people there.

One trait that I've noticed about most business owners is that they generally try to do far too much. They seem to be at every networking event and seminar (and if you watch carefully, you can sometimes see them starting to nod off during the talks because they are so tired). Being so tired is no fun, and it's bad for business because judgement and results are affected. That's one area I know I can help with.

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