Monday, 12 November 2007

Shall I go for it?

I'm always learning from my coaching clients and workshop delegates. Last week's Time Management workshop showed me that, without getting big-headed, I do have some valuable tips to pass on. I suppose I've spent so long reading and researching that I forget other people haven't read or researched the same sources.

Over the weekend I've been thinking about the workshop and the tools and techniques I pass onto coaching clients. It's as if there's an internal dialogue going on! The question that keeps wanting to be answered is "How about writing a brand new workshop that will help business owners grow their businesses bigger and faster?".

This feels a bit scary because I never know how a new workshop is going to be received (even if I do the research beforehand). But, the idea appeals to me so I'm going to start planning and see what happens.

Watch this space.

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