Friday, 2 November 2007

A thought about managing time

Yesterday I promised you something useful for your business, and I hope you find the following fits the bill!

I like to follow up with the delegates from my Business Action System workshop to find out how they're getting on. Because of the diverse nature of their businesses, sometimes the System needs a bit of tweaking and refining to fit in so that it can work effectively.

One delegate I was speaking with today said that he was still having problems fitting everything into his day. It turns out that he was not factoring in one of the tasks that happens everyday. This involves taking phone calls, answering questions and checking production. It's a bit of a moveable feast because it isn't a solid block of time, it can't be planned and it's of variable duration.

My suggestion to this delegate is that he allocates a block of time each day for this activity - let's say 2 hours (to include a contingency buffer). This means that he will not over-schedule the rest of his day. If the activity takes less than 2 hours, he's ahead of the game and can fit something else in. The important point is that he will now be able to fit in everything he wants and needs to do in his working day.

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