Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Promotions disguised as blogs

I've been subscribing to lots of different blogs since I started blogging myself. I deliberately pick those written by business owners and gurus I respect and admire. So why am I feeling disillusioned?

I thought that blogs were meant to be informative and share resources. Of course, I'm not naive enough to believe that there shouldn't be a bit of promotion going on (after all, some blogs are carefully set up to maximise money-making opportunities - and that's fine because they don't pretend to be anything else).

But when I get posting after posting that pretends to inform but instead tells me only about available or soon to be launched products and services, I start to lose respect for the authors, and eventually disappointment unsubscribe.

I'd really welcome your comments here. Am I being unrealistic or are some bloggers overdoing the promotions?

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Anonymous said...

I think I've been quite fortunate so far in that most of the blogs I subscribe to don't use their blogs to promote their latest service, book or whatever. Most of them I find to be quite informative. However, the more people plug their wares instead of giving useful information, can be a real turn off! There needs to be a balance between promotions and genuinely useful information, and the fine line between the two can disappear altogether.