Tuesday, 19 February 2008

"Do the Locomotion"

Do you remember a song of that name by Little Eva from many years ago? It still gets played occasionally and whenever I hear it I get a picture in my mind of lots of people moving in a long line like a train, although I'm sure the original dance looked a bit different.

I've noticed that in business, once you start moving forward by taking lots of action, you can build up a momentum that becomes quite easy to sustain.

The new business model that I'm working on (mentioned a couple of postings ago) is building up a series of interlinked steps and strategies that need to be done. Doing each step for the first time is quite slow because it's a bit scary and tentative. After that, as it becomes more familiar and comfortable, I wonder why I didn't try it before!

Getting a 'locomotive' moving from a standing start takes a lot of fuel and effort, so does getting started working 'on the business'. Knowing what has to be done can, in itself, be totally overwhelming. My coaching clients often get a panicked look when we go through and identify what needs to be done.

I'm holding a FREE Teleseminar this Thursday evening on How to Stop Overwhelm and I'm quite surprised at the number of people who have signed up - it's obviously an issue that is affecting many small business owners. I know, I've been there myself.

Taking the first steps, getting your business locomotive rolling, does require energy and focus. The rewards come as you build up a head of steam moving forward and, of course, see the results of your efforts.

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