Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The grass is always greener...

This week I've been through the whole gamut of emotions! From pride (at writing some great content for my newsletter and making a good start on a new workshop) to despair (at finding a competitor offering what I was about to offer). From satisfaction (at submitting some good articles) to out and out jealousy at some of the great looking websites and blogs I've seen lately.

The trouble is that I'm being distracted by the syndrome called 'the grass is always greener'! I'm forgetting just how much I have achieved, and discounting my offerings (which are actually rather good). The result is that I'm so busy stewing over how to improve that I'm forgetting a very basic fact of life.

The grass will always seem greener in the next field. It's just that when you get there, the next field looks as though it may have grass that looks even greener....

Fortunately, tomorrow I'm meeting with someone who I hope is going to become my next coach (yes, coaches need coaches too!). I've been searching for a new coach for a while now, someone who is going to help me move my business on to the next level. While I'm pretty good at staying focused - this week has shown me that I can also be easily distracted and slowed down by wanting to reach that greener grass!

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