Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Shifting the Business Model

The last few days have been really amazing! I now have a new coach who is really going to help me do for my business what I do for other people's. She really understands the business model that I want to use and has already got me working to it.

Another exciting thing that has happened is that, on Friday, I took delivery of a home study Training Program I've been longing to do. It's from a truly inspirational marketing mentor I've been learning from for over 2 years. It is the most expensive program I've invested in so far, and I just know that what I learn and implement from it will take my business to the next level.

While I was debating whether I could justify spending so much on training, my inner critic was telling me that there were other things the business needed and I shouldn't do it. But my own personal 'inner coach' reminded me that I'd been wanting to do this program for the last 2 years and that, if 2008 is to be the growth year I want, then it was high time I stopped procrastinating and got on with it.

So I went ahead and took the plunge. After all, if I coach my clients about the need to invest in themselves, how can I do any different?

One of the lessons I've been reminded of is that it's important to make decisions quickly and act on them. So I did the right thing! I'm looking forward to learning more - and to taking more action.

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