Monday, 3 March 2008

Are you on your To-Do list?

There are so many demands on your time when you have your own business, that it can be easy to put yourself and your needs at the very bottom of list (if indeed they make onto a list at all!).

Just as you wouldn’t expect your car or van to keep running without regular stops to fill up with fuel, you can’t expect your business to function at full throttle without taking care of yourself.

Do you work late into the night or at weekends? Once in a while is OK – too often will run down your energy reserves and leave you vulnerable to picking up colds and other infections.

Get your diary out and schedule time for recharging your batteries – preferably right up to the end of the year! Book time to spend with your family, with friends, or simply to take care of yourself. Plan a round of golf, a relaxing aromatherapy massage, a walk in the country or by the sea, read a novel.

Your business will benefit when you put yourself on your To-Do list – go on, do it now!

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