Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Do new ideas re-motivate you?

Yesterday’s meeting with my coach was just as re-motivating as I had hoped and I’ve come away with loads of exciting ideas to work on! Sometimes fresh ideas are enough to get the motivation flowing again.

With most of my business coaching clients, their motivation comes and goes, and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason…. to them at least.

Think back to when you first started in business. Think about why you made that bold move; what you wanted to achieve – for yourself and for your family. Reconnecting with your original vision and reaffirming your goals regularly is really important. How else can you expect to stay motivated when things get tough?

If your motivation is low, you will struggle to quiet the voice that says “This is too hard, perhaps I should look for a job.” But when your motivation levels are high, that voice will say “How can I deal with this? What do I need to do?.”

I’m off to revisit my long term plans and see what I can add or change to make it more compelling and more exciting.

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