Thursday, 3 April 2008

Lessons for the business coach!

I'm afraid I've badly neglected this blog over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, a cycle of migraine headaches over a 10 day period completely wiped me out. But I'm pleased to say that's behind me now and I'm gradually catching up with things.

I have learned some salutory business lessons from this experience. The first is that it would be prudent to prepare in advance some articles and blog postings that can be used in such times. I have to confess that I usually write 'in the moment' and to meet deadlines. This works fine until I need to take time off!

Another lesson is the need to start delegating and outsourcing more - and in order to be able to do that effectively, to record my business systems and processes on paper.

An obvious lesson is to build in more time off - I certainly wouldn't expect an employee to produce their best work on the excess hours and paltry holidays I submit myself to!

Tomorrow I'm running a Selling Skills workshop and then planning next week to sort out the remainder of my backlog. Looking forward to getting straight again.

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