Monday, 21 April 2008

Social networking is an acquired taste

Last week I spent a lot of time growing my list of friends on Facebook and learning about them as individuals. I've been quite selective, looking for like-minded business owners and/or coaches. The majority of people I've added to my list are in the US and I'm really enjoying seeing what they're all up to.

What's fascinating is that they are so busy taking action!! They're preparing new products, launching them, writing books, starting up groups. They are also very positive - they know they're going to succeed. I'm finding it really inspiring to be mixing, albeit virtually, with such positive people. Combined with the work I'm doing with my coach, I find that I'm really raising the bar on my own business.

I realised a while ago that networking with people who are negative about everything was dragging me down and stopped going to a lot of events. The Facebook world is a real revelation!

Today, (even though I still have reservations) I signed up to Twitter. I'm really not sure what I should be doing with it but I've started 'following' people I admire - just to see what happens.

So, if you feel like befriending me on Facebook -

or following me on Twitter (as LouiseBJ) -

we can make this journey of exploration together!

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Karen Skidmore said...

Hi Louise - saw that you stopped by my blog so I thought I would repay the compliment and have a read. Love your honesty on this one and I think it's a full time job keeping up with the geek-jones!

I have got myself a twitter account but I havent posted yet. Will I ever be able to? If someone could give me another 2 hours in the day, giftwrapped with a cherry on top - perhaps then.

Will be interested to know how you use it and what impact it has on your business,

Karen Skidmore