Monday, 7 April 2008

New Beginnings

Last week was both frustrating and rewarding. Frustrating because I had to spend a lot of it catching up after being unwell. Rewarding when my Selling Skills workshop on Friday was so well received.

This week is going to be very different.

I love developing new products, don’t you? It satisfies my creative leanings! But I do find that I need to have ‘cleared the decks’ first so that there are as few distractions and other tasks to do, as possible. This is one of those blissful weeks.

What have I got to show for my efforts so far? At the end of day 1 I have a rather messy looking Mindmap and am very pleased to have so much down on paper. What always surprises me is just how many ideas my subconscious has picked up over the last few weeks, since I decided to work on this project.

I’m going to leave the Mindmap overnight and return to it in the morning to see if I have anything to add, or if it needs changing.

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