Monday, 29 October 2007

Normal Service has been Restored

You may have gathered that last week was rather fraught due to the computer printer saga! I'm pleased and relieved to report that the new (second replacement) printer is operating beautifully and I've caught up with most of the backlog now. And my blood pressure is settling down nicely.

The workshop I've written for tomorrow evening is all set to go and I'm looking forward (a little nervously) to seeing how it is received. Then, there's another new workshop to write for delivery the following week - no signs of slowing down yet!

The latest post fiasco has decided me to send more virtual Christmas cards this year (and make a larger donation to charity). Most of my business runs on email these days - it's hard to understand how the postal system survives, especially when it's workers take action that can only damage it further. I'm lucky that I've got a really good postman, whom I've taken the time to get to know. However, whenever he's off, it really is pot luck whether I get my mail.

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