Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Save me from technology!

My patience has been tried today, and I'm sure my stress levels have been higher than usual! My printer has expired. It was working fine this morning, but after lunch, without so much as a by your leave or asking permission, it has simply given up the ghost. (I tried changing the fuse and then a completely new power cable - both to no avail).

This would normally just be an irritation. However, tomorrow I am addressing a group of business women in Southampton and cannot now provide a handout. And on Thursday I'm presenting my Business Action System workshop - thank goodness I printed out all the workbooks yesterday!

Technology is so wonderful - when it works!

This experience got me thinking. Most of us solo-preneurs are very time poor. We're always working to tight deadlines and trying to fit too much into our days. Something like printer failure or anything to do with computers (!) can suddenly eat away at our precious hours and minutes.

One way to lessen the impact of the unexpected is to factor in some contingency time. We're notoriously bad at this but it really can make the difference between being merely an annoyance and being the cause of cries of anguish.

Tomorrow, on the way back from the lunchtime talk I shall pop into Staples and see what printers they have.

Anyone need a supply of Epson compatible ink cartidges (for a Stylus C62) very reasonable prices?

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