Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Trials & tribulations in the office

So far this week has not been as productive as I would have liked. When you haven't got a functional printer, it's amazing how many pages you want to print out. However, I got notification that delivery should be today and arranged to stay in the office.

While waiting, I decided to battle with online technology today, and get linked to the social networking sites such as, digg, reddit etc. After spending far too much time on this, I still can't get the 'buttons' where I want them and feel that now is a good time to stop before I completely lose what's left of my sanity.

Imagine my surprise when, at 4.50 pm, the doorbell went and my neighbour told me that the printer had been delivered to her doorstep and left there (she wasn't in). You can bet that Amazon will be getting a note from me about that! I can understand leaving a couple of books on the doorstep but a higher value item? That reminds me, I'm always asked to sign for books - but obviously this printer doesn't warrant the same standard of delivery care.

My day hadn't quite finished with me. Eagerly opening the printer box and hoping to catch up on some printing jobs, I find that the USB connecting cable does not come as part of the package. No mention of the need to order this as a separate item. So tomorrow, I'll need to visit Staples and buy one. More time spent doing non-productive stuff.

If there isn't steam coming from this post, there should be!

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